Thursday, March 27, 2008

A.I. Results- It Ain't Easy Being Chikezie

Chuck:Yes, I'm leading with the results. Before the final 12, I thought Chikezie would go the first week. But he wasn't the worst performer last night. America got it wrong.

What the hell? "America got it wrong?" 35 million people voted in the 21st century version of Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour meets Queen for a Day. They're voting their favorites. They're not listening to the music.

Lorrie: Maybe so, but at this point of this screwball season, I'm just happy that someone from my Bottom Three was sent home. The way I've been picking them the past couple of weeks, I definitely should NOT play the lottery any time soon.

Chuck: And now to what we learned on tonight's show:

• To make it up to Ramiele for turning off her mic last week, AI producers gave her too much air time tonight.

• David Cook is a Kansas City Royals fan. That means he'll be traded to the Yankees for prospects before the season is out. **

• David Archuleta's father is a ventriloquist. How else can we explain David A. answering "It's one of my favorite songs!"? (Lorrie- We also could explain it like this: he's a nerd. He's cute & nerdy)

• Carly wears "Spanx." S&M fans can go back to braiding their whips, She was talking about these.
(That link is safe for work, unless you work at Victoria's Secret.)

• The winning of the Ford-AI contest this year gets to watch them shoot a commercial. Based on tonight's
my wife reasoned the winner will sit in someone's office while they do digital editing.

• They took calls again this week. Again, they used the calls to play up Simon and Ryan's mock feud. Again the questions were an idiotic part of the show. I'd rather they play a tape of Kristy Lee Sings the Beatles. (Lorrie- You're in luck, Chuck. I hear that's gonna be Kristy Lee's first CD. Every Beatles song will be recorded with a bluegrass vibe, except for Come Together, which will be a polka)

• Kimberly Locke appeared in a Weight Watcher's commercial and a public service warning for glitter body makeup. Somewhere in there she also sang a country song.

• Ryan was again irritated when a Bottom Three contestant refused to play up the drama. He cut off Jason mid-ramble to tell him to sit on the sofa.

• Chikezie whispered something to sYESha just before Ryan read the result. After Ryan announced Chikezie was out, sYESha quickly walked to the sofa and wrestled Kristy Lee to the floor.

** -- Those familiar with 1950s and 60s baseball history would have laughed.


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