Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lakeland Farmers Curb Market Celebrates American Pie Day

It warms my heart to attend the Lakeland Farmers Curb Market each Saturday and witness its growth. I'm seeing more vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables and for the past two weekends, a lady who makes and sells homemade pet treats has been there. I bought the peanut butter flavored treats for Lucy and Callaghan two weekends ago and last night they polished off the last of them. If they had thumbs, they would have given the treats four thumbs up.

Now there's yet another reason to visit the Farmers Market- American Pie Day (View the flier here). On March 15, the market will feature pie baking, eating and throwing contests. Entry forms can be viewed and downloaded here. Pre-registration deadline is March 10.

The pie baking contest has a professional and amateur category. The entry fee is modest at $5 per pie unless you wait until after the 10th. In that case, you must include a $10 fee with your entry.

So dust off the cookbook and enter your best pie!

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