Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Everglades Steeplechase

We attended our second Little Everglades Steeplechase yesterday, courtesy of Central Florida Eurocars. I tell you, this event is worth buying a VW!

Central Florida Eurocars treated its guests like royalty, with free tickets to the event, VIP parking, free breakfast and lunch- courtesy of those great guys at Black & Brew- and free booze. It was quite a treat getting to attend again this year.

I took some photos, which can be viewed here.

This event is a huge fundraiser held at Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City. The ranch is 2,000 acres of pure beauty. It has been put into conservancy so that it will never be developed. That means it will be here for future generations to enjoy, which is amazing to me. More than 300 acres of wetlands have been reintroduced to the ranch.

Proceeds from this event, which attracted tens of thousands of people, benefit Quantum Leap Farm, Inc., Diabetic Charitable Services and the Pioneer Florida Museum and Village.

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