Monday, October 29, 2007

Growing Wealth Magazine Editorial Intern

Good morning, college students!

Here's a possible internship opportunity in the Orlando area.

Dynetech, rated as one of the Best Places to Work by the OBJ seeks an Editorial Intern.

Major functions of position:
The editorial intern program of Growing Wealth is designed to give an overview of the operations of a monthly magazine (circulation: ca. 25,000), with an emphasis on editorial work. The intern will learn the considerations that go into choosing and preparing copy for publication.

The intern will be responsible for:
Participating in fact-checking articles for accuracy.
Proofreading finals.
Assisting in evaluating manuscript submissions.
Assisting with preparing papers for archiving.

Essential Qualifications for this position:
Journalism or English Major, experienced in researching and writing articles.
Highly organized.
Self-starter who is comfortable communicating via e-mail and phone.
Eager to learn about magazine publishing and editing.

If you are interested in applying for this position please fax resume to 407-206-6565 or email to

Location: Orlando, Florida
Compensation: to be determined
This is an internship job

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Overcoming Terror to Become a Freelancer

A friend of mine recently asked me how I got over my terror of beginning to freelance write.

Honestly, I never was terrified of doing it, because I went into it willing to work for next-to-nothing, just for the chance to build up some clips. That meant I really had nothing to lose. I knew that approach would help me launch into bigger and better things.

Initially, I approached some local magazines with some clips of newspaper articles I had written while I was in the Army. I found one local magazine in my hometown that paid fairly well. Another one, a local entertainment magazine, paid nothing, but gave me concert tickets, movie passes, etc. I didn’t care. I needed by-lines.

If I hadn't had any clips to share, I think I would have offered to do a test interview/article, just to show the magazine I could write.

These days, I'm fortunate to have almost all the freelance work I want. I contact magazines I’d like to write for and offer to send them some clips. Freelance work usually follows.

For people who lack the confidence, I would recommend starting slow. Perhaps go to the smallest local publication first. Write a little for them and build up your confidence. Then move on to the bigger publications.

One thing I would warn people against who are trying to get started is to avoid negative self-talk. It takes thick skin to be a freelancer, because you're going to get turned down once in a while. But if you have been trained in writing or you write as part of your job, there's simply no room for self-doubt. You've obviously got some skills, so give yourself some credit.

I had to give myself this little pep-talk recently when I was considering pitching to a national magazine for the first time. I really was nervous about that. You can read about it in my previous blog on the topic. But in a nutshell, I got the gig and couldn't believe how easy it was to accomplish this.

So my advice to those looking to do a little freelancing is this: Suck it up and call a publication! Send ‘em some clips. You’ll be glad you did.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Laser hair Removal- Part 6

Today was my fifth laser hair removal treatment and I was bummed going into it because my partner-in-crime who is undergoing this voluntary torture with me wasn't able to be here. I had a schedule conflict. But I had to soldier on, so here are all the details.

I applied the numbing cream two hours prior to my appointment and placed the dreaded plastic wrap over said application areas. My dogs spent the next two hours anxiously following me around. At first, I couldn't understand why. Then it hit me.

My dogs would have been great candidates for Pavlov's experiments. They've become conditioned to running toward the sound of celophane because there's always something good to eat inside celophane wrapping, in their minds.

Well, they're following me because every time I walk or move my arms, they hear the crinkle, crinkle of plastic wrap. And now they're looking at me, disgusted that I have no treat for them.

I head to my appointment also bummed out that Rachel, the nurse who typically administers the torture, isn't going to be there today. Another casualty of my changed schedule.

I arrive and sign in, start flipping through an old People magazine and I hear...Rachel! She, too, had a schedule change. I'm elated. And then I ask her, "Are you working on Saturday, too?" That's when my friend will be in for her appointment. The answer is no.

Oh no. I love Rachel, but my friend loooooooooooves Rachel. And she's the worst creature of habit I know. She's not going to take this change well at all.

I decide my fifth treatment is probably the most manageable- in terms of pain- since the first treatment. I notice that the most uncomfortable areas to laser are the creases in my armpits. There must be some serious hair follicles in that area.

I also realize that for the first time between treatments, I really didn't have to shave my armpits, because there just wasn't any hair there. There was a bit in the bikini line, but overall, I would say there has been a 90% reduction in hair growth in the treated areas.

I'm so happy to have made it to the magic No. 5 treatment. That's one full year of treatments. The next year will be about spot-treating areas where the hair continues to grow. My next appointment is 12 weeks away.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Found Money Blog

So here's the deal. I've been riding my bike a lot lately and it seems I keep finding money on the ground. Not enough to get rich, mind you, but this is where I will report my findings daily. Please don't tell the IRS.

TOTAL FOR 2007- $3.37

Total for December 2007- 1 cent
Dec. 17- 1 cent

Total for November 2007- 75 cents
Nov. 25- 26 cents (including one wheat penny!)
Nov. 23- 25 cents
Nov. 17- 2 cents
Nov. 15- 1 cent
Nov. 11- 8 cents
Nov. 6- 3 cents
Nov. 5- 9 cents
Nov. 2- 1 cent

Total for October 2007- 85 cents
Oct. 20- 1 cent
Oct. 18- 48 cents
Oct. 7- 35 cents
Oct. 1- 1 cent

Total for September 2007- $1.07
Sept. 23- 88 cents
Sept.17- 1 cent (at LAX)
Sept. 2- 18 cents

Total for August 2007- 35 cents
August 19- 2 cents
August 18- 31 cents (at the wash rack area of a used car lot. I think I've stumbled onto the mother load, people.)
August 6- 1 cent
August 5- 1 cent

Total for July 2007- 5 cents
July 18- 1 cent
July 16- 3 cents (all in the Sunoco parking lot. I find money every time I go there)
July 5- 1 cent

Total for June 2007- 4 cents
June 18- 1 cent
June 14- 1 cent
June 11- 1 cent
June 1- 1 cent (Sunoco parking lot, and it smells like diesel, baby.)

Total for May 2007- 25 cents.
May 31- 3 cents
May 28- 11 cents
May 25- 1 cent (actually, this was while I was riding on the motorcycle with my husband, not on my bicycle)
May 21- 10 cents

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Internship opportunity

Here's one for all you college journalism students who are considering going into editing. The Orlando Sentinel is offering a sports editing internship during the summer of 2008. This opportunity pays $525/week and applications are due to the Sentinel by Nov. 15.

I would love to hear from you if you decide to apply for this great opportunity.

Best of luck!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Blog Orlando Wrap-up

The weekend is over and I'm just getting around to doing a wrap-up of Friday's Blog Orlando event. In a word, it was AMAZING.

I encourage anyone in public relations, marketing or journalism to take advantage of this event, should it be held next year, or to seek out one in your area. I've learned there is a Blog Savannah, as well as a Blog Philadelphia.