Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Texting While Driving

I admire many of our local bloggers for the topics they choose to write about. Currently, my hero is Kristen Freaking Jane, who was brave enough recently to post a dirty secret- texting while driving.

It reminded me of an incident that my husband and I witnessed recently, involving what appeared to be a teenage boy texting while driving. I won't rehash it here. Instead, just read my comment on KFJ's post.

We had our digital camera in the car and took the above photo of his tag. I always intended to post it on my blog- not to get him in trouble (ok, maybe a little)- but in hope that someone reading this blog knows this kid's parents and can talk some sense into him.
This is a dangerous thing to do. Don't believe me? Watch the YouTube video below. It's twits like this who are rolling along our streets, oblivious to the world around them, thinking they're the center of the universe, who are texting while driving. Do you want to be like that? I didn't think so.


truewonder said...

OOooh, it's make me sad and mad all at the same time! Just Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I were heading to town when a Ford Explorer sidled up in the lane next to us-the driver kept crossing over into our lane, I wanted to pass and get ahead of him, but I feared he was a drunk driver. Nope. Texting. And this guy was like 60! Aren't people wonderfully considerate?! We got around him as he sat at the light...the green light- he wasn't even aware of the change...ain't evolution great?! One more story to share on this form of communication??!! I was at a bar and grill with my oldest daughter, playing pool...having fun. As we were getting ready to leave, a much younger man we had been talking with asked me out. Oh I was beyond flattered! He was 30ish, my ego gave him my number foolishly-did he call? Nope, he texted. I texted back(took me 2 hours...)don't send a boy to do a man's job, real men call and speak. Never heard from him again. Be well. Cougar(my daughter's new nickname for me) signing off...

KFJ said...

The true heroes are the one's who abstain!!! (from texting, that is!)