Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Chuck & Lorrie Show- American Idol Top 6

Chuck: This was easily an hour of pain for me. I'm just not a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber. I was so bored. I'm not in a humorous mood. That was an hour of my life I'll never get back. Good thing I was multi-tasking.

Lorrie: I must confess that I'm in the same black mood as you, Chuck. In fact, I was running late getting home from an event last night, so I missed the first two performances. After seeing the rest, I was glad to have missed the first two.

Chuck: I'm going to jump out of order and just present the singers in two groups.
The Bottom Three: Jason, Brooke and David A

Yes, Lorrie. David A. The Bottom Three.

Jason was simply out of his element and didn't have the sense to change a song to fit his personality. In the parley of television criticism, Jason had a "bad trip." My wife felt his song totally missed reminding viewers of Cats, "He could have at least coughed up a hairball." That'll happen when Ryan tells Jason he's going home.

Lorrie: I came in on the judge's comments of this performance and while Paula was prattling on, I could actually feel Simon's disgust toward her through the television.

Chuck: Brooke's fragile waif persona. Wait. Let me start again. Brooke's feet of clay shtick is wearing thin. We get it. You're an amateur. Sally Field can play your mom in your CW series, The Singing Nanny.

She sang "You Must Love Me." I didn't. I liked how upset Paula was that Brooke dared start over when she flubbed the song.

Lorrie: Yeah, Paula was not happy. And that, my friends, made ME happy! This song stunk and sadly, I say Brooke earned her Bottom Three spot this week.

Chuck: The David A. 2000 turned in another flawless, but still, performance. If he was 23 and lived above a dry cleaner, would you love him as much? Can anyone remember what he sang without consulting their notes? Hearing Sir Webber tell David to open his eyes did give me a Penelope Cruz flashback. Speaking of flashbacks, did anyone else think David A's pupils looked like saucers?

The Top Three: sYESha, Carly, and David C.

This could be my new final three choice.

My wife tells me that David C's song was nice. Yeah. If you insist. It was another snooze-fest, but a well-sung snooze fest.

Lorrie: Well, it's a good thing your wife is smart. That WAS a nice song.

Note to readers: Until tonight, it was a little known fact that David C. is a bullfighter in his spare time. He was running late getting to the A.I. show and forgot to remove his sash last night.

Chuck: Then there was Carly. I believe she never planned anything other than Jesus Christ Superstar. She is covering her tattoos and wearing dresses.

Carly has learned a lesson about presentation. The T-shirt she had saved was cute. I wonder if there was a different shirt if Simon didn't like her song?

That leaves us with sYESha. By far she put on the best performance of the night. She does have a personality after all! She owned the stage and the audience. I'd never heard of "One Rock and Roll Too Many," but her acting sold the song.

There you have it. AI's final six sans humor.

Lorrie: Sadly, I must agree with your Bottom Three choices, Chuck. My hope is that Jason Castro goes home tonight.

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Interstate4Jammer said...

Last night's performances weren't all THAT bad, except for Mr. Castro's. I'm not a huge fan of Lord Andrew (I love his ex-wife, Sarah Brightman, much more), but his music is an interesting test for these young folks because of the difficulty to master many of the songs.

TOP 3: Shyesha, David A., and Carly

BOTTOM 3: Jason, David C., and Brooke.

GOING HOME: Jason Castro

SURPRISES: I expected one of the girls to tackle "I Don't Know How To Love Him" from "Jesus Christ Superstar", as it is one of his best known works. Didn't happen.

FYI: The song performed by Shyesha, "One Rock and Roll Too Many", is from Webber's "Starlight Express".