Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol Top Six Results Show Recap

Chuck: I hope this was the zenith of this American Idol season. If you need any more proof that AI voters pay less attention to performance than personality, then look to last night's result.

The AI voters failed to step up for Carly Smithson who left the show after one of her strongest performances. Meanwhile, Jason Castro gave one of the weakest performances of the season. Not just his songs, but all of the singers. He stayed. Maybe the audience really wanted to hear him sing "Cracklin' Rosie."

Lorrie: Cracklin' Rosie. You're a hoot, Chuck.

Chuck: The audience also forgave Brooke White for forgetting the lyrics. Something they've not done in past seasons. This year, both David A. and Brooke have survived flubs. Brooke's screw-up came much later in the season. Her fan base must be strong.

Lorrie: Ryan, in true a-hole fashion, just looooves to point out contestants' flaws. Poor, sweet David A. (Note to Chuck- quit calling him "The David 2000") flubbed his lyrics and had to watch it played back for two weeks. Now Brooke is having her start-and-stop-and-start again routine rubbed in her face. And clearly, she does not like the taste of it.

On to the topic of Leona Lewis briefly: why does she have to stand pigeon-toed when she sings?

And now to the Bottom Two: sYESha and Brooke. All I can say is "Holy twists and turns, Batman!" Who would have thought that America would say NO to sYESha after what likely was her best performance of the season?

Parents, please listen to me closely: It is time to take away the cell phones from your tweenage daughters until they can assure you they will stop voting for Jason. Seriously. My patience with that kid is waning, to say the least.

Chuck: I think it is time that AI change the voting procedure. I have a couple of possibilities. 1) At the end of an episode the judges nominate the Bottom Three. Viewers then vote only for those three and the lowest vote-getter goes home. 2) The opposite approach. The voters vote as usual, but the judges decide who goes home from the Bottom Three.

The best part of last night's show was the elimination of the silly question segment.

Lorrie: Amen.

Chuck: Next week Neil Diamond comes to AI. Here's what I predict each will sing:
David A.: I Am I Said
David C. : Solitary Man
sYESha: You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Brooke: Sweet Caroline
Jason: Heartlight (And he'll claim he's never heard of ET) Kidding, he'll sing Song Sung Blue

Lorrie: Ooooh, predicting what they'll sing. This sounds fun. First of all, I predict the silly Ford video or one of the group singalongs will be "America."

David A.: a non-robotic, nicely done version of Hello Again
David C.: a Goo Goo Dolls version of Forever in Bluejeans
sYESha: a gospel version of Thank the Lord for the Night Time
Brooke: a stripped-down, piano-only September Morn
Jason: Crunchy Granola Suite (not because he knows anything about the song, but because he has the munchies from know...)


Interstate4Jammer said...

Forget Neil Diamond! What I would like to see is Bruce Springsteen as their mentor for a week. See David A. singing "Thunder Road"? Or Young Mr. Castro performing "Meeting Across the River"?

Anonymous said...

I am so upset that Carly was sent home. I was so hoping it would have been Brooke. I agree also that everyone has turned it into a popularity and "Whos cuter" contest. I think David A. or David C will win it. Jason has sang some good songs but hes not open to trying new things. Neil Diamond next week, ha..this is going to be funny.