Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol- Results

Work is getting in the way of my A.I. blogging today. Sorry! -Lorrie

Chuck: The worst part of the results show is the AI producers dragging out who was voted off.


There. That's out of the way.

• Everly, Rightous, Hudson, Joyce, Jonas, Johnson, and now the Clark.

What are Brothers?

They weren't too bad if you like Christian Speed Metal.

• Dolly Parton is older than my Great Aunt Daisy was when I was my
daughter's age. Forget singing, I'm amazed she can still stand up for
three minutes.

At this point, Lorrie just thought "I was always amazed she could stand up."

• I'm calling to ask a question next week. Can you see it up on the
big screen behind Ryan.

Chuck, 29, Lakeland Florida
with a question for the American Idol producers

"Other than this question segment, what was the dumbest idea you've had
for American Idol?"

• Next week when she is in the Bottom Three, Kristy Lee with get
searched by an American Idol flunkie to make sure the "entertainer"
doesn't bring any props on stage.

• I predict that Michael Johns will be in the next Bottom Three.
No, I don't need to see the songs. I swear the falsely endangered person
is not the one with the third lowest votes. They are simply in the
Bottom Three to get face time and fans worried. That spot is reserved
for an AI producer's favorite.

• During the car commercial I am surprised they didn't take the
obvious joke and have Ramiele dunk.

• Every week the person voted off sings their farewell song much
better the night before. The solution: Seconds before each performance
have an AI flunkie whisper an appropriate announcement of doom to each
singer. What would they whisper?

Kristy Lee: We've discovered video of you and Brittney Spears at a club.
Spears acts like the sober one. Good Luck.

sYESha: Whitney Houston says if you sing one more of her songs she'll
cut you like she did Bobby. She's in the audience. Good Luck.

Jason: Ryan's a narc. Good Luck, Dude.

David A. : Your dad's not happy with his seat. Good Luck

Carley: The man in the dark suit wants to talk to you about your work
visa. Good Luck.

Brooke: Think of the poor children in Africa. Good Luck.

Michael Johns: Your wife is leaving you for Bob Geldof. Here's a belt.
Good Luck.

David Cook: (Reader participation moment. What do you
think they would say to David?)

• That's all I've got. See you next week when Kristy Lee finally

Lorrie: Ditto, ditto, and here here!

Ramiele is outta there. Finally! I called it right for a week!

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