Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Round-Up

Friday night the cops visited the next door neighbor. Apparently, he wasn't taking visitors, as he refused to come to the door. My husband and I went out and talked to the cops for a few minutes. The neighbor from across the street also came over for a minute. He could stay long. He had to run an errand and back his car into one of the patrol cars before he left. Busy night. I thought I would DIE laughing. Turns out the officer just got that patrol car last week. The fender bender didn't even bend anything, but before the neighbor drove off, I couldn't help but be an instigator and suggest he submit to a field sobriety test first. He didn't laugh.
Saturday meant it was time to venture down to the Lakeland Farmer's Curb Market once again. This time, it was for a couple of reasons. First, Darby and I wanted to see if our video and my article in The Ledger resulted in increased attendance. We think it did. How do we know, asks the dear reader?

Darby and I went around asking people how they heard about the market. Many said they read about it in the paper. All of the responses were good but two. These two women clearly were not from the south, as evidenced by their Yankee accents. Darby asked the question. Both women said they read it in the paper. Darby explained she was asking because her friend had written the article.

Immediately- I mean, there was NO hesitation here- both women said in very Yankee voices, "Well tell yah friend the directions wah haaaarible!"

Followed by, " Yah, we almost left."

Followed by my first thought, "I wish you woulda."

They went on for a second and finally I piped up and said, "I wrote the article. I'm 'the friend.'"

They weren't even embarrassed. Instead, they said, "Oh. Saaaaahry. But yah should put directions. We almost nevah found the place."

I attempted a little Journalism 101 lesson, but decided it was futile. Instead, I explained that I had put the address in there. In fact, this is exactly what I put in the article:

"The Farmers Curb Market is held from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturdays at 200 N. Kentucky Ave., in the plaza of the Peterson Building, across the street from the Downtown Crispers. Anyone wanting to become a vendor should call Market Manager Jim Luna at 863-688-4238 or 863-221-4633. For more information, visit the market Web site:"

So I guess the only advice I can give those two Yankee complainers is this: don't forget to pull your head out of your ass before you get behind the wheel and head to the Farmers Market. Otherwise, you might miss it.

At the market I bought fresh strawberries and kiwi, along with a bag of chocolate chip cookies for my friend Vonya's baby shower. We planned this shower two weeks before her due date, but she decided to have baby Zoe early.

No mention of a baby shower where the baby has been born would be complete without a picture, so here you go: Aren't they both beautiful? :o)
On Sunday, I spent the morning gathering up tax info from my business , as corporations must file by Jan. 31. I spent the afternoon making cards and watching football in my Miami Dolphins hoodie. I know, I know. But a true fan is a fan in good times and bad.

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Anonymous said...

God love ya, you've been watching Dolphins football since you were a month old! You don't remember it, but you spent most of their Golden Season - as well as the Super Bowl that January, in your Grandaddy's lap enjoying that unbeaten season; as well as the Dolphins version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.