Friday, January 25, 2008

Pics from Lakeland Pig Fest

We just got home from the Lakeland Pig Fest, which will continue tomorrow (Saturday, Jan. 26) at Tiger Town. We highly recommend the BBQ pork sandwich from Natural Born Grillers. It was awesome. One of my favorite things about the Pig Fest (besides the BBQ) is the names of the grillers who are competing. Rather than write about each one, I'll tell you in pictures:

I also like the decorations you find at the booths. I think there must be a contest for that:
Some of the cooks are even fun to look at:

And the entertainment can't be beat. Firefall was the Friday night headliner on the main stage and there were several guitarists and bluegrass bands scattered throughout the event. But bar-none, my favorite was this cutie :

That's Robby Cox. He's from Hendry County, Kentucky. He has no specific musical heroes, but says he loves it all. He sort of sounds like it all, too. His voice sounds like Waylon Jennings at times, mixed in with a little Johnny Cash and Jim Morrison for good measure. It makes sense, since he can't choose a favorite.
"Picking an influence, picking a song or picking a genre, it's like picking your favorite child," he says.
Robby is 24 and good news, ladies. He's single! If you want to catch a glimpse of him before he leaves town, Robby says he's performing Saturday night at Louie Mack's on South Florida Avenue.

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DarbySea said...

Looks like I might be making a trip to Louie Mack's! lol

I had a great time as well at the Pig Fest. See ya in '09