Friday, January 11, 2008

Bike-Thru Banking at Mid-Florida FCU

I stumbled upon some interesting information today. Mid-Florida Federal Credit Union now offers "Bike-Thru Banking."

In a nutshell, you can ride your bike through the drive-thru now, instead of parking and walking inside.

This is an amazing victory for me, even though I doubt that I had anything to do with the addition of this new service. However, I did attempt to ride my bike through the Gary Road Mid-Florida drive-thru in 2007 and was refused service. The teller told me it was "a security issue" and I could only use the drive-thru while on my bike if the lobby wasn't open. Apparently, riding a bike through a bank drive-thru was not a security issue between the hours of 7 and 9 a.m. back then. I used the drive-thru later when the lobby wasn't open and was not refused service.

Oh, how I'd love to believe that the influence of my blog is so great that when I wrote about being refused service, my legions of readers (thanks, Mom, Chuck, Vonya) wrote letters of protest and the powers-that-be at Mid-Florida called a special meeting and created this Bike-thru policy in my honor. But alas, something tells me that wasn't the case. Regardless, I'm happy I can take part in bike-thru banking now.

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Anonymous said...

Probably has something to do with 3.09-3.45/gallon for fuel. But let's have delusions of grandeur.

Worth just what it cost ya.