Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol- Night One

Overall, a great show! I won't bore anyone with a play-by-play, I'll just reveal my favorite quote of the evening, made by the girl who did the Grace Slick impression. Here's what she said (angrily) after being told she wasn't going to Hollywood:

"I'm going for actressing."


steve said...

My wife loves Idol so I'm sure I'll be joining the 2 - 3 hour per week insanity soon. However, I protested last night and watched the Apple MacWorld keynote on-line last night instead. I can't really stand Idol until the trash has been filtered to the top 10 or so.

Chuck said...

Well, this household time shifts. We just finished last night's episode in about 30 mins. I'm like Steve. I don't care for the show until they get past the loons and the "human interest stories."

Grace Slick drunk in Germany made more sense than that girl.

I was more surprised Kevin Smith really went through and got waxed.

Finally, the singer that did Uncle Kracker didn't sound original as the judges stated. I wonder if they know the original song. He was simply doing an impression. I bet they're not as happy with him in Hollywood.