Friday, January 4, 2008

Sometimes it Takes a Stranglehold to Make You Feel Like We do

I was headed to Ocala to visit my cousin and some high school friends last weekend when I passed this driver in North Lakeland:

I hope this lady never rear-ends someone because she's not going to have to worry about what damage the airbag will do to her face. She'll have to worry about the aftermath of having your head bounced in bumpers-in-a-pinball-machine fashion between your too-tall headrest and the top of the windshield. And forgive me for being insensitive, but if you have to sit that high and that close to the steering wheel, you shouldn't be driving a Mustang GT convertible.

So after I got over this site, I popped in Frampton Comes Alive because nothing gets you through this... 14 minutes and 15 seconds of Do You Feel Like We Do. Unless it's Nugent's Stranglehold.

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