Monday, January 7, 2008

Do you know this idiot?

I was reading Chuck's blog, Lakeland Local, this morning and saw a link to Alan Snel's blog, where he recently wrote about being harrassed by a Polk County driver while riding his bike in Tampa. And no, my headline is not referring to either of these two guys. Read on.

I'm also linking to Alan's blog post because I want to spread the word. Please take a moment to click on this link and if you know the idiot driver of the vehicle being described, I hope you will tell him/her to be more careful and considerate around cyclists. Bicycles have as much right to be on the roadways as motorized vehicles. Then, if you're really up to the task, smack them in the head for me.

In no way do I consider myself a "cyclist." But as someone who owns and rides a bike and enjoys riding it along Lakeland's city streets, I have a deep appreciation for others who take their biking more seriously. I have a deeper appreciation for the need to educate drivers on the importance of watching out for cyclists.


Adam said...

Hey, your links have an extra "http" in them, fyi.

Lorrie said...

The links are fixed. Thanks!