Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SPCA Foster Parenting 3.0

Today I picked up two more puppies from the Lakeland SPCA. These are three weeks old and part of a litter of seven. I immediately noticed the first puppy (I've named him Moe) smelled bad- not like he'd just gotten dirty, but like old funk. The second puppy (I'm calling her Bindi) was covered- and I do mean covered- in tiny scabs. This is what they looked like seconds before what was probably their first bath:
I tried brushing both of them (it turns out both have scabs, apparently from flea infestation) and got them looking a bit more presentable. But bless their hearts (this is a southern saying, which enables a southerner to say really hateful or mean things without making people angry), these have got to be two of the ugliest little puppies I've ever seen.
I was told they are lab/retriever mix. OK? If ever there were poster-puppies for the term mutt, these two would fit the bill.
Even though they're ugly, they have very sweet personalities and they've already grown on me. They even seem cuter now that I've spent a bit of time with them.
I think I must be losing my mind to take on two such young puppies at a time when a large portion of my kitchen has been consumed by boxes of baby chicks. The two big boxes containing the chicks require liner changes twice a day. Now I have puppies to care for. And did I mention I own a business and work from home? Tonight I got a call from the executive editor of The Ledger, asking me if I was interested in writing a particular article. I rarely turn down a story. When I got off the phone, my husband asked, "How are you going to do that in addition to all your Noah's Ark duties?" I had to laugh because he has a point.
This afternoon I decided to let the youngest chicks roam the yard for a few minutes. A few minutes in the yard is a few minutes' less poop lining the bottom of the box. They seemed to enjoy it. I even let the puppies in on the fun so they could check out the chicks. Everyone got along well and no one lost any feathers.
All that fun really wore out Bindi, who fell asleep in the middle of the yard. At least she doesn't look as scabby in this photo. Don't you think she kind of looks like.....a guinea pig?

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Vonya said...

She does look rodent-ish. I really appreciated Mike's comment about Noah's Ark. Hope you're doing well!