Monday, February 4, 2008

Going Postal Over Found Money

So I think I might be developing a problem. There were several days in early 2007 where it seemed like everywhere I went, I found money on the ground. I decided to keep track of my findings, just as a curiosity thing. When 2008 rolled around, it only made sense to start a new list of my findings.

But now I think I've developed some real issues. It seems that I've taken a simple hobby done out of curiosity to new, borderline OCD heights. I felt it coming on this weekend, but I think my friend Ginger confirmed it during our phone conversation today.

I was telling her about this weekend, when Mike said, "Look! There's a quarter" as he pointed at the ground, and I nearly gave myself whiplash trying to find it. Mike was joking. I called him a f---ing ass. Yes, I called him that over a joke. (First clue that this hobby has gotten waaay too serious)

On Sunday, I jumped out of the car at a red light (Mike was driving) because I saw two pennies in the intersection. (Second clue that this hobby has gotten way too serious.)

This morning, while on a bike ride, I decided to cruise through the Wally's parking lot. It's a pool hall that serves alcohol, and I thought, "I bet those drunk pool players drop lots of spare change on the ground." (Yes, a third clue that this hobby has gotten way too serious)

I took a methodical approach to scanning the lot. I started with the parking spaces closest to the building and worked my way out. I was so engrossed in finding spare change that I didn't notice a man watching me until I heard someone yell, "hey!"

I never assume anyone is yelling "hey!" at me, so I continued my search. He yelled it twice more.

"He might be talking to me," I thought. But then I spotted a penny, and instantly the man was no longer a concern.

He yelled again. I looked up. He motioned for me to come here. I nodded my head no. I had recently re-established my no-talking-to-strangers rule. I found a nickel and another penny, then, just to prove I wasn't scared of him, I scanned the lot for 15 seconds more and left.

Ginger said that this obsession of mine has given her an idea for my birthday. Instead of buying me a present, she's going to suggest we go for a bike ride on a pre-determined route where she has planted about $13 in loose change. It'll be my best birthday ever.


RICHGUY said...

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Lakelandmom said...

Hilarious, yes, I think it is more than a hobby now. By the way, once upon a time, I used to frequent Wally's, so I can tell you first hand, that's an excellent place to look for spare change. And paper money. And lighters. And keys. Credit cards, hair accessories, and even sometimes the occasional piece of clothing! Love your blogsite, I'm addicted! : )