Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Do The iPod Shuffle

I'm stealing this idea from Travis, only because everyone else has stolen it today, too. Here's how it works:

Get your iPod and go to “Shuffle Songs” - then list off the first 10 songs that come up. No Skipping! Here’s mine:

1. ZZ Top- I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide
2. Def Leopard- Foolin
3. Little Big Town- Lost
4. The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Sailor
5. Sheryl Crow- Soak Up the Sun
6. Santana- Se A Cabo
7. Violent Femmes- Johnny
8. Bad Company- Rock Steady
9. Pink Floyd- Money
10. Little Big Town- Mean Streak

Now it's your turn. Be sure to leave your list in my comments


Chuck Welch said...

I had so much fun doing it on Travis' blog....I'll do it again...but with a change....

I did mine on Itunes...all 11,000 plus songs. This time I'll add the requirement that I've played the song at least four times -- the sort of songs you'd put on your shuffle....

(Don't you hate long set ups to simple lists?)

1) Small Circles - The Rainmakers
2) Crackerbox Palace - George Harrison
3) Father and Daughter - Paul Simon
4) Eternity - Live - Warren Zevon
5) A Hard Day's Night - Beatles
6) I'm Losing You - Corine Bailey Rae
7) Sun King - Beatles
8) Simple Life - Nanci Griffith
9) Rise to the Occasion - Nanci Griffith
10) Atomic - Blondie

Beatles and Griffith twice? Hmmm I wonder how random that random generator is...

Cat said...

1) Little Martha - Allman Brothers Band
2) Little Drummer- Jars of Clay
3) Listen to Her Heart - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
4) White Riot - The Clash
5) She's Only 18 - Red Hot Chili Peppers
6) She's My Baby - The Rocket Summer
7) Pitter Patter Goes My Heart - Broken Social Scene
8) Prince Ali (Reprise) - Jonathan Freeman (Aladdin)
9) All those Yesterdays - Pearl Jam
10) Minority - Green Day