Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Found Money Blog

So here's the deal. I've been riding my bike a lot lately and it seems I keep finding money on the ground. Not enough to get rich, mind you, but this is where I will report my findings daily. Please don't tell the IRS.

TOTAL FOR 2007- $3.37

Total for December 2007- 1 cent
Dec. 17- 1 cent

Total for November 2007- 75 cents
Nov. 25- 26 cents (including one wheat penny!)
Nov. 23- 25 cents
Nov. 17- 2 cents
Nov. 15- 1 cent
Nov. 11- 8 cents
Nov. 6- 3 cents
Nov. 5- 9 cents
Nov. 2- 1 cent

Total for October 2007- 85 cents
Oct. 20- 1 cent
Oct. 18- 48 cents
Oct. 7- 35 cents
Oct. 1- 1 cent

Total for September 2007- $1.07
Sept. 23- 88 cents
Sept.17- 1 cent (at LAX)
Sept. 2- 18 cents

Total for August 2007- 35 cents
August 19- 2 cents
August 18- 31 cents (at the wash rack area of a used car lot. I think I've stumbled onto the mother load, people.)
August 6- 1 cent
August 5- 1 cent

Total for July 2007- 5 cents
July 18- 1 cent
July 16- 3 cents (all in the Sunoco parking lot. I find money every time I go there)
July 5- 1 cent

Total for June 2007- 4 cents
June 18- 1 cent
June 14- 1 cent
June 11- 1 cent
June 1- 1 cent (Sunoco parking lot, and it smells like diesel, baby.)

Total for May 2007- 25 cents.
May 31- 3 cents
May 28- 11 cents
May 25- 1 cent (actually, this was while I was riding on the motorcycle with my husband, not on my bicycle)
May 21- 10 cents


Gretchen said...

If you like found money, I would like to invite you to join us at Journey Church. We meet on Sunday mornings at the movie theaters at the Lakeland Square Mall. Movie theaters with the lights on are very interesting. It's like raiding the couch cushions at someone else's house!

Lorrie said...

Hi Gretchen,

That is so funny! Since I started recording my findings, you're the second person who has tipped me off to locations where I can find money. The other one was in the ashtrays of vehicles at junkyards. LOL

Little said...

When I get pennies back as change, I leave them in obvious places for people to find. It's a game to me that's worth more than the cost to play. Now when I drop them places, I'll speculate that it's you that may find them!