Monday, February 4, 2008

Blogger Meeting Well Attended- Again!

Tonight's gathering of area bloggers was another success. We had our largest group to date- 17 people. As sad as it is to say, I think we might actually be outgrowing Black & Brew. Well, maybe not so much outgrowing it, as needing a place where our set-up can be different to allow everyone to be heard and to prevent four different conversations from going on simultaneously.

We had a wide range of attendees, from experienced, established bloggers to people interested in starting a blog.

I hope you will check out the blogs that were represented tonight:

Lakeland Local
Bog It Blog
Blogging This
Kristen Freaking Jane
Blue Room Worthy
Emily the Strange
Mike Monts
Polk Voice
Darby Sea
Matthew Wengerd

There were additional blogs represented, but the Web addresses weren't left on my sign-in sheet and alas, it's late and I'm not freakin' lookin' 'em up tonight. But some are linked on the side and others, well, you can look for them:

Polk County News Blog- Tampa Tribune
Empirical Polk
What's New Online- The Ledger
Polk Commission Watch- The Ledger


aaron @ lakeland chamber said...

Hey Lorie,

Sorry I ran out on everyone tonight. I wished i could have stayed longer. But my wife was sick. You mentioned having a possible other location. I'd like to offer the Chamber Conference room, if everyone is interested.

Chuck said...

I'm glad you could come at all. It was nice to meet you.

Would we have to rent the conference room? We can't afford more than a dollar.

That was a joke.


Is the time a problem? We're an 18:30 to 20:00 kind of group.