Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amanda Overmyer - Carry On Wayward Son - Top 10 Girls

This was the train-wreck performance of the evening on American Idol last night. And her hair looked so ridiculous! She looked like she was auditioning to play Cruella DeVille off Broadway.


Chuck said...

Yeah. Both nights were a mess as most of the contestants simply made the wrong song choice. She has fallen under the Idol curse - listen too much to the AI stylists.

If she makes it to next week, she needs to return to the woman who walked into the audition.

However, I think there were worse performances last night. Alaina Whitaker and Kady Malloy would be my picks to eliminate this week.

Anonymous said...

Bless her heart, at least her hair matched her fake chaps

KFJ said...

Cruela Deville is a great comparison!!!!