Friday, February 15, 2008

What's This Guy's Beef?

I went to The Chop Shop in Downtown Lakeland with a friend today for lunch and saw this guy at the Mid-Florida Building on Kentucky Avenue. Does anyone know what the deal is with him?


Chuck Welch said...

He's been there on and off for well over a month. I only see him when I'm late meeting someone.

He had another sign that explained his beef. Details escape me. I think you have a freelance article for The Ledger there.

Jess Wilcox said...

Hey Lorrie,
He used to stand outside either Watson or LRMC (can't remember which) every morning during rush hour. Last weekend I saw him outside Polk Theatre about 8 p.m. Not sure what his story is, but I've always been tempted to tell him he can post it on Polk Voice ; )
If you get any info, do share!

steve said...

I know that he is very good at whistling. I wonder if he would sell advertising space on his board? At least that way he wouldn't be wasting his time.

steve said...

Your buddy was arrested.