Friday, September 7, 2007

Dressing skimpily on Southwest Airlines

College student and Hooters Waitress Kyla Ebbert almost didn't make her flight from San Diego to Tuscon for a doctor appointment recently. That's because one of the flight attendants, who also was serving as the fashion police that day, told her that her outfit was too revealing. Check out the entire story at USA Today.

This morning, Kyla was on the Today Show to be interviewed by Matt Lauer. The Today Show did a great job of building up the story by showing Kyla only from the neck up until the actual interview took place, so they could do the "big reveal" and have Kyla stand while wearing what she had worn on that fateful flight.

I'll admit that I'm a VERY observant person. It's a blessing/curse that comes with having worked as a journalist for much of my life.

So I saw something during this newscast that I wonder if many others saw. Miss Kyla, tall and tanned, stood up during the interview to show viewers her outfit. Honestly, the only clothing item that I could have called into question was her short, white denim cut-off skirt.

Frankly, it was rather anti-climatic-- until she sat back down and crossed her legs. I'm telling you, gentle readers, it's a good-thing Kyla wasn't pulling a Britney Spears that morning, because viewers who were watching closely saw white undies glaring back at us from the camera!

I hope I'm not the only one who finds the humor in this. Here's Kyla, her mom and her attorney on national television in an attempt to show how ridiculous it is that her outfit was deemed inappropriate. Then she gives the nation a glimpse of her panties. What a riot.


Anonymous said...

My Mama made my youngest sister bloomers that matched her short short dresses in 70-72, for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling that maybe Kyla's panties were the source of the complaint? Indeed, do we have photographic PROOF that the young miss was even wearing panties on that fateful day? Furthermore, who goes from San Diego to Tucson for a doctor's appointment?