Friday, September 28, 2007

Blog Orlando- Media Track- Hyperlocal Blogs

Tommy Duncan is the track leader for this session.

When Tommy started blogging, he was just kind of "out there." He wanted to know what was going on in the community. Sticks of Fire, Tommy's blog, has grown so expansive, he now has several other writers posting to his blog because it got too big. He's had his blog for four years ago.

He moved into a 30-year-old subdivision with no homeowners association. No network. He went door-to-door and invited everyone to a backyard BBQ. One person showed up.

Tommy created a blog for another neighborhood and within a month, 30 people were posting on it.

What's the difference? The blog allows people to post on their own time. Tommy held his BBQ at a certain date/time that may not have been good for everyone. Blogging allows people to participate when it's convenient to them.

Tommy has former Tampa Tribune writers writing for his blog.

Side note: Tommy's also in a band.

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