Friday, September 28, 2007

Blog Orlando- Technology Track- Blogging Tools

Judson Collier is leading this session. He's 16. I hope his mother knows where he is right now.

Ping and Twitter- topics to talk about. Pounce is a similar product.

Twitter is a micro blogging Web site. You're sending what you're doing to all on your friends list. Check out to learn more.

Pounce is more Web based. Twitter is more mobile.

Twitter is good to get the word out to people. It's instant communication. This is along the lines of IMing people.

Everyone's talking about twits and tweet and pings and pounces....jeez...I'm lost. And stupid, apparently.

Judson Pings the site technorati. It's kind of like Google for blogs. This is more crap I need to learn about.

Someone just asked about "building their authority" on Technorati. YOu have to get links to get authority.

Lot of different tools to track your blog. At Technorati, you can subscribe via RSS to see who's talking about you.

RSS is a URL that updates you as soon as a site is updated. is an online site to submit stories to. Users who like the stories can vote for them. will give you a button you can add to your post for people to vote on your blog posts.

Find other people who are digging the same posts you're writing, become friends with them and they will starting digging you. allows you to submit 1 story to all social sites at one time. distributed social network. You can see who's reading your blog!

Google anaytics- wide variety of different stats you can get. Put code on header or footer of your site. Can tell you who's coming to site, how long staying, etc. another stats site.

Pros and Cons of Blogger vs. Word Press. WP is generally more expandable. Blogger is just a blog and your post. WP can give you pages, so you can tab it. WP helps it look more like a "real Web site." WP has a giant variety of themes. YOu can schedule posts in WP, but not in Blogger. good hosting site.

Judson is with

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