Friday, September 28, 2007

Blog Orlando- Technology Track- Blogging Basics

I'm just typing in my notes from the tracks directly in here.

It's standing room only in this track. Lots more people are like me than I thought- don't know much, but want to know more.

What is a blog?

Web log. Chronology. Conversational- comments, trackbacks. Contemporaneous.

Trackbacks- msite to site or machine to machine comment.

Blogs and Web sites are looking more

Starting a blog:

Can use Blogger, Word Press, Square Space. Type Pad- this is a paid hosting service.

If blogging for a business,may be best to have it hosted locally.

It's important to have your own domain name. Credibility. Makes it real. Provides portability.

If you're interested in a paid host site, check back with, where lots of info on this topic will be provided very soon.

It's fairly easy to switch over from Blogger, to Word Press, apparently.

Why businesses should blog: If you're not out there leading the conversation, someone else may be out there writing about you. You might as well try to be part of the conversation. I really like this concept. One person in this track who soon will be blogging for her business. She has a PR background and is worried about the potential inability to "control the message."

I think people- PR professionals particularly- should lighten up a bit. Kat from Y Lakeland commented that very few people leave inappropriate comments. She would rather open up comments to everyone and remove the random inappropriate comment, than be the Comment Police on a daily basis.

Dos and Don'ts

Do- write about what you know
Do- spend quality time writing your content
Do- read other people's blogs. Link to some of the more prominent blogs in your area.

Don't- plagiarize

Crap I know nothing about, but need to learn:

Look into Google Reader. Net Newswire. Vienna. All info on RSS readers.

Comment trolls apparently a great site to search for duplicate content.

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