Friday, September 28, 2007

Blog Orlando- Technology Track- Word Press

Mark Jaquith is the speaker for this track.

WordPress 2.4 comes out in December. It will provide more security. Better user experience. Happy Cog design firm is overhauling the interface. Adding an "undo" feature. Page searching feature to be added.

WP philosophy is flexibility over features.

Google site map- done in xml. YOu can give weights to things to help Google find your content in your site.

What if you're on Blogger, can you transfer? Yes! Mark says there's an importer. The comments come with the transfer.

WP provides page templates. So many plugins. So many themes. If there's something you want to do with WP, there's a good chance someone has already done it and written a plugin for it.

Side note: there's a guy in this track who looks like a young Dustin Hoffman.

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darbySEA said...

thanks for posting this stuff since WP room was full and i had to go "what we're teaching"