Friday, September 28, 2007

Blog Orlando- Media Track- Community Blogs

Track leader is Daniel Sanchez

Orlando Sentinel is offering neighborhood blogs for residents to post items.

Why post on a newspaper's blog when you could post your own elsewhere? In a word, traffic. Let's face it. Lots more people likely read the newspaper'ssite daily than your personal blog.

Some people confuse these blogs with being columns written by Sentinel employees. That's not the case.

Something I learned from this: A good idea might be to start a blog on what's going on in your neighborhood. Some Orlando area neighborhood bloggers who are involved in their neighborhood groups find that's where a great deal of their material comes from.

For PR professionals: it's ok to send notice of events, meetings, etc. to bloggers. They may choose to post those items, they may not. It's totally up to them.

Be careful about posting negative remarks about others on blogs. You don't want to get sued.

Future of neighborhood blogging- rather than geographic boundaries, blogs grouped by interests. A great example of this is

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