Friday, September 7, 2007

Blogging 101

Yesterday I met up with local blogger Chuck Welch at one of my favorite coffee shops, Black and Brew. His blog is Lakeland Local and it's a good, often humorous read, especially if you live in Lakeland, Florida.

Chuck graciously agreed to give me some blog coaching, as I'm trying to beef up my blog and make it into something really relevant. Doing that means I have to learn the basics first.

Let me just say this: Chuck knows his stuff.

Chuck offered to help me out after I sent out a call for help on Polk Voice, a blog site that is a product of The Ledger, Polk County's newspaper of record. I was so grateful when Chuck responded with an offer to help.

I also was surprised to find that after my original post was published in the print version of Polk Voice, I received two additional offers from local bloggers to assist me in whipping my blog into shape.

Here's what I learned: never be shy about asking for help. This is true for everything- breaking into the freelance writing business, becoming a blogger, anything.

When someone is kind enough to give of their time and expertise, thank them. And when the opportunity presents itself to return the favor by helping out someone else, do it.

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Barry said...

Hi, Lorrie. I'm enjoying your blog! It was great for Chuck to reach out and answer your call for help. He's a good guy, even if he calls his favorite hometown newspaper by the wrong name.

Thanks for the Polk Voice mention. How about showing some love and including Polk Voice and Ledger blogs ( in your right-hand links?


-- Barry