Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Laser Hair Removal- Part 5

My friend and I recently underwent our fourth laser hair removal treatment at Ideal Image. This time, we were looking forward to it because it was the first treatment we had while using the optional numbing cream.

We were told to apply the numbing cream to the treatment area 60 to 90 minutes prior to our appointments. I swore someone at Ideal Image said to put Saran Wrap over the area after applying the cream, but my friend doesn't recall that. But just to be safe, we try the Saran Wrap trick.

We arrive for our appointment and the nurse performing the treatment asks me if I applied the numbing cream, to which I replied, "That's a big hell yes."

She directs me to the bathroom to wash it off with those disposable facial cleansing cloths. I never knew a disposal cloth could generate so many suds. Anyway, after that, I step into the treatment room.

I'm so excited about undergoing this procedure with the numbing cream, until the nurse says, "you're still going to feel it. The cream just takes the edge off."


While she's guiding the laser over my armpits, I carry on a conversation, which helps me not to think about the discomfort, which isn't too bad, actually.

The nurse knows I wound up with a few blisters across the top of the pubic area last time and asks if I had been in the sun prior to treatment. I said no. She decides to decrease the laser intensity over that area. Even with the numbing cream, the process is uncomfortable, but I notice that it's definitely better with the cream than without.

My friend, on the other hand, disagrees. For her, this fourth treatment is the worst to date.

I notice when I get home that instead of any blisters, this time I just have a raised welt across the top of the pubic area. I think I must just be sensitive to the laser.

Regardless, the discomfort is manageable and I'm very pleased with my results thus far. I'm seeing a marked reduction in hair growth and when the hair does grow back, it's much finer than it was prior to treatment. I also continue to notice that I can go longer without shaving between each successive treatment.

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Anonymous said...

Please see comment on Part 4 Post. Good luck ladies because you are really taking a chance especially if you are still experiencing welts. You should not have ANY problems at all. Yes, you may have sensitive skin but is it sensitive in other ways??? Oh and they ABSOLUTELY DID tell you to wrap in Saran Wrap.