Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Laser Hair Removal- Part 3

I'm blogging about the laser hair removal process my friend and I are undergoing through Ideal Image. If you would like to read my first two blogs about this, they are appropriately labeled "Laser Hair Removal- Part 1" and "Laser Hair Removal- Part 2."

When our second treatment comes, we are actually looking forward to it. One step closer to permanent bare skin in our armpits and bikini line.

We had good results from the first treatment. After several days, hair began falling out, leaving smooth skin in its place.

We find out once we arrive that on the second trip, the laser is intensified and the area in which it targets with each shot is smaller. Oh well, maybe the discomfort will be slightly greater this time. No problem.

I remove my panties for this treatment because although Fire Crotch is a nice enough nickname for Lindsey, I've been mulling it over in my head a few days and it really doesn't suit me. I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt that day, so I remove that, but leave the bra on.

The second treatment certainly has a level of discomfort to it. I tell my friend afterward that my treatment hurt a bit. She is shocked. Hers felt fine.

Hmmmm....I must need to toughen up.

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