Monday, August 27, 2007

How People Who Work From Home Motivate Themselves

I'm a journalist/PR professional who recently started my own firm, where I work from home and write articles, press releases, Web content, promotional brochures, etc. I have a room dedicated to my work. The walls are my favorite color green and I have bright curtains that let in light from five windows. There's nothing gloomy about this space.

But lately, I find there are days when as bright and cheery as my office is, it's hard for me to focus on just work. I find myself longing to go into the back yard and water plants, or let my two dogs run around. I walk across the hardwood floors barefooted and step on dirt and suddenly I decide I should vacuum and mop before starting my next work project.

Sometimes, God forbid, I'd even prefer exercising to work.

It's not that I don't have enough work to keep me busy. I have plenty. I just have those days where I can't kick myself into gear to get work-related stuff accomplished.

How about you? I know there are many of you who also work from home. What's your trick to staying focused and motivated? What do you do to pull yourself out of a daydream and back into the task at hand?

I'm anxious for some feedback on this one!


S K G Rao, C Text ATI. said...

Dear Lorrie,
Motivation is a big subject.
You are quite right in what you say.
It is hard to get self motivated,if one has it"The sky is the limit".Please visit my blog and say if I am self motivated in my Guest Book and leave your address to get a gift from me.
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Vivian said...

Hi Lorrie! Thanks for "adding my link"! Chuck helped me in times of crisis many times! He was such a good teacher and tried hard not to go over my head. I've learned a lot on my own now and work has even begun to be a lot more web development intensive, so I feel like that's a tremendous asset- being able to recall things I learned for my blog, as well as taking things I'm learning for work and applying it at my blog! Anyway, good luck with your business! I swung a freelance writing business for about 2 months before this current job came up- it is certainly a lot of work! Kudos!