Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Laser Hair Removal- Part 4

About 12 weeks pass before my friend and I go to our third treatment. Once again, the laser is intensified and the area of each zap is a bit smaller.

In 12 weeks, I completely forget the clothing routine and for some reason I strip for this treatment. As I'm lying naked on the paper-covered table, I begin to wonder to myself, "Am I supposed to be completely naked for this?"

I suddenly can't remember my routine from the past. When I finally decide I definitely shouldn't have all my clothes off, the nurse is knocking on the door to come in. Oh well, too late to re-dress now. And I decide I shouldn't even be embarassed, because this woman does Flare Do's on people (see last Laser Hair Removal- Part 1 for explanation). She's seen much more weirdness than me naked on the table.

Treatment three begins and...holy crap...does it hurt. The "discomfort" is almost unbearable. With each zap of the laser, my leg does this uncontrollable seizure-like jerk. I start sweating. And damn it, I'm naked, which means all this paper on the table is going to stick to me when I get up.

The laser zaps get so bad, I have to tell the nurse I need a break for a minute. I remember the consultant's words during that initial consultation: "it feels like a bee sting."

Uh, yeah. If that bee belongs to the Taser gun family.

As we're walking to my car, my friend and I agree that this treatment is the worst to date. We drive home and I start feeling some definite discomfort in the bikini line area. That night, I look in the mirror and I've got second degree burns right above my hoo-hah.

Now I'm pissed because I can hear my mother's overly-cautious banter in my head from when I told her I was going to start laser hair removal treatment. "That's fine...until you get second degree burns!"

I call my friend to see if she's got burns. She gasps, "You've got blisters where?!"

The next day I call Ideal Image. They say this certainly should not have happened. I decide there's nothing to do now but wait for them to heal, which they do. Very quickly, I might add.

I call my friend back and ask her what we're trying to prove by going "commando" to these painful treatments, when we could have gotten the numbing cream.

I call Ideal Image and demand the ointment prescription before the next visit.

The results are great, but the pain isn't fun.


Anonymous said...

Your story is VERY familiar. I worked for Ideal Image about 7 months ago for over a year. I can't tell you how many guests called complaining of burns. Many of which went to the hospital or to their primary care doctors for treatment. I can also tell you that they will do WHATEVER it takes to keep these things out of the media and out of court. They almost always settle out of court. I had horrible results and still have a ton of hair even more in my facial areas then what I started with which is also very common especially in Middle Eastern women. They also DO NOT know for sure if this has negative effects on the lymph nodes in the underarm and groin areas. They don't tell you this of course but it is discussed behind closed doors. I am very glad you have posted a blog exposing the truth about Ideal Image practices. Best of luck to you. I hate to admit it but Mother usually is right.

tania10 said...

oh, what a bad experience. This often goes with specially if it's not performed well but it's okay as long as you have the best result! . Laser hair removal is a great one!