Thursday, May 1, 2008

American Idol Top 5 Results Show Recap

Chuck is proud to present to you the results show with bullets! Lorrie will interject wherever she pleases.

• Seven million extra votes. Neil Diamond has that many fans awake that late?

• Cracklin' Rose with Jason Castro. Dude, alcohol is a depressant.

• Brooke and sYESha sing Song Blue. Well, sYESha forgot to come in.

• Both Davids sing Brother Love better than they did their songs last night.

• My wife: "Jason is cracking up again. Who gave that boy drugs?"

Lorrie: It appeared the group performance of the night had the choreographers pulling from the pages of The Brady Bunch's "Keep On Dancin'" routine. Fo' shizzle! Other than that, the group songs sounded like a (CSX) train wreck tonight. It was gruesome to watch. Yet I did it anyway.

Back to Chuck and his bullets:

• In a break from tradition, the recap doesn't show a mishap - Paula's this time.

• Ryan mentions it and adds, "The rumors are not true, she is part of our family and we love her."

• Jason didn't know any of the songs he sang. I'm shocked!

• Brooke says she reached her happy mode last night. That's code for she broke into Jason's stash.

• Natasha Bedingfield performed. I have an urge to listen to Dusty Springfield.

• Questions again?! At least we get a question that trips up Simon.

• The Ford video is "Green-inspired." Boring. My wife: "low energy indeed."

• Neil Diamond sings "Pretty Amazing Grace." You'll never hear that one on bagpipes.

Lorrie: Or on kazoo.

Back to you and the bullets, Chuck!

• No one sits close the David 2000. Robot haters.

• Brooke starts crying before Ryan reads the results. She gets the results and proceeds to butcher I Am I Said. This whole last song thing is silly.

• Next week is Rock and Roll night. sYESha will sing a Broadway tune, David C will sing a rock version of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

The David 2000 performs Mr. Roboto, and Jason will "change up" the Muppet Show theme into a funeral dirge.

Lorrie: I think Jason resembles Janice from the Muppets. You decide.

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bobkat said...

How can they send a talent like Carlyee home and keep a lounge lizard, no talent like Jason Castro?