Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Idol Top 3 Results Show Recap

Chuck: I've got nothing.

Lorrie: Well, let me share this, then- sYESha is at the courthouse today changing her name see this one coming...sNOsha. I wish we could take pride in our accurate prediction, but this was like shooting fish in a barrel, y'all.

Chuck: Seriously, after all these weeks it's down to two.

Tuesday's show almost put me to sleep. Then I had to spend an hour Wednesday watching the same scenes three times: contestant goes to home town, politician tries to get camera time, contestant sees lots of kids at mall and cries.

I cry myself when I see that many people at Brandon mall. Of course, Christmas always makes me emotional.

Let's see....Fantasia sang. Well, whatever it is she does.

Lorrie: Again- shooting fish in a barrel- but what the heck was up with Fantasia? First of all, she looked like a match stick (a thick matchstick) with that day-glow red hair.

Then there was the dancing...I swear, she looked like an African tribeswoman with some of those moves. And, she had Black Gilligan up in the balcony accompanying her. I expected to see Reuben Studdard walk out at any second dressed like The Skipper.

Chuck: Then we had to watch the "you're going home" tape for each contestant.

Did you notice that the tape of David Cook showed him in line with his brother? In line, Cook has normal hair, but by the time he gets to sing for the judges he has some red dye on his forelock.

Lorrie: I missed that. I must've been knee-deep in a yawn at that point.

Chuck: I love how sYESha dropped her smile and happy attitude like a guillotine when Ryan said she was going home.

Lorrie: That's because she was fuming over how her dad tried to steal the spotlight while she was home by telling America about how his baby girl's voice keeps him from going back to drugs and alcohol.

Chuck: Next week it's David and David. Welcome to the Boomtown.

Points if you get that reference.

Lorrie: Dang it. No points for me.

Chuck: I'm going to spend this weekend watching Marx Brothers movies to get my funny back.
You can't fool me. There's no such thing as sanity clause.

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