Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Numbing Cream

Through the advances of Internet technology, I've discovered many people visiting my site lately have been seeking information on the type of numbing cream used in laser hair removal treatment.

This is what Ideal Image uses: it's called triple anesthetic cream, and it's a combination of benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine and phenylephrine.

Instructions call for applying the cream to the laser treatment site one hour prior to treatment and covering the area with plastic wrap. You are advised not to use this cream if you are pregnant or nursing. Honestly, I think laser hair removal would be the last thing on the mind of a pregnant woman.

Personally, I have found the cream to be a huge help in keeping pain and discomfort during treatment at bay. I have several blogs on laser hair removal.


Anonymous said...

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dr said...

i got a tattoo done on my vacation in mexico, the price was cheap but the pain was pretty heavy. anyhow, i didn't finish it the way way i wanted it. then when i returned to canada after a month, i got the rest done and the tatoo artist used some kind of anesthetic called Dr.Numb is was made for numbing for laser hair remaoval and i didnt feel anything. it cost me about 40 dollars canadian. the website where i got it was dr. numb

Anonymous said...

i have tried that dr.numb numbing cream too. It really works than emla and i didn't feel any side effects after i got the tattoo. Emla is a shitty product if you'll ask me.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting Lazer hair removal and sent of the Dr. Numb, it gives you 15 days to return it if not happy, I tried it and it did not do a thing. very disappointed, I guess some people just don't numb as easy as others.