Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lakeland's Community Development Department Needs Your Input

I got an interesting email today from Lynn Schindler, senior planner in Lakeland's Community Development Department.

Lynn says Community Development is in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan for the State. This "is a document to improve the quality of life for existing neighborhoods, businesses and residents as we face continued growth during the next 10 years," Lynn's email stated.

Community Development is looking for feedback on the four questions at the end of a Power Point presentation titled “Transportation Element Update Presentation” located here on the city's Web site. There also is a link for emailing your comments or questions directly to Chuck Barmby. The four questions are on the last page of the presentation.

These are the questions, along with my personal input:

1. Which activity centers should be linked with a better bicycle/pedestrian pathway network?
Since Southeastern University continues to grow exponentially and offers a beautiful place to ride bikes, as well as a venue for lots of performing arts events, I would like to see better bike paths and/or sidewalks built between the Lake Bonny boat ramp on E. Main Street and Southeastern. Riding a bike along Longfellow Blvd. from E. Main Street to Colonial Avenue is scary, because there’s no good way to stay out of the vehicular traffic. Also, a better non-motorized travel area along N. Crystal Lake Drive, from Bartow Road to Longfellow Blvd. would be good for the same reasons.

2. What gaps and barriers do you see in the existing system?
I don't believe I see any that aren’t being addressed. I hope there soon will be a path completely around Lake Mirror.

3. Which locations do you feel are most dangerous for non-motorized travel? South Florida Avenue; Longfellow Blvd.; Bartow Rd.

4. Which types of pathways do you prefer and would like to see developed throughout Lakeland?
I love the idea of bike paths everywhere. I live 1 ½ miles outside of Downtown and with my bike, I am able to run lots of errands that I’d otherwise have to drive to accomplish. The easier and safer it is for me to ride my bike, the less I’m going to drive my car.

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Chuck Welch said...

Arrgh! I need a new calendar. When I saw your post I remembered I was supposed to go to their workshop --- last Thursday.

Anyway, I agree with your answers with a caveat. We need bike lanes, not sidewalks at those locations. Leave the sidewalks to the pedestrians.

For #2: There is a pavement gap on the Lake to Lake route on Palmetto near Lake Hunter.

As for #3: I'd add Edgewood Dr. and Crystal Lake Drive.