Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've Moved!

It's official. I'm discontinuing this blog, as I've moved to a hyperlocal blog:

I believe there's strength in numbers, and I'm happy to be a part of Lakeland Local, which features three other writers besides me. It's flattering to be part of a talented group of writers.

So I hope you'll cruise on over to Lakeland Local and not only continue to read my posts, but those posts by Billy, Darby and Chuck as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorrie,

Just checking in to say hi! I will follow you as your journey to your new blog. Hope all is well in Lakeland!


Public Relations said...

good luck for your new venture..... hope you do well.

truewonder said...

OOOOhhhh Lorrie, this is debbie downer here...whining...only thinking of myself and thoroughly enjoying tales from the delkside and chicken stories and conquering junk mail and all the funny sort of every day life you write about and now...I'm gonna miss you, darn it. So, yes- I will follow you...but I knew you when...and keep comin' to see me when you're jonesin' for some of my down home humor...and comment, because...the things you recall, write, share are truly treasures, and...I should have told you so a long time ago. So-downer aside, good for you. Your strengths can be now utilized in such a way to bring about the changes you so greatly believe in...your new fellow writers and readers are awful lucky to have you. Take care-