Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CSX Getting Beat Up In Massachusetts, Too

Poor, poor CSX. It seems they just don't undestand why citizens don't want to be fed garbage politely with a spoon...

If Floridians thought we were the only ones suffering from CSX trying to shove liability down our throats for this commuter rail project, fret no more. They're doing it in Massachusetts, too.

Downtown Lakeland Partnership Executive Director Julie Townsend recently was interviewed by the Worcester Business Journal for an article on the topic. You can read the article here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. The sooner the taxpayers realize all these give aways - to corporations or people - are coming out of our own wallets, the better off we'll be. Prudence and common sense teach most of us we are responsible for the consequences of our actions. It's time for CSX to be responsible, as well. They are making lots of money hauling freight, which we pay for in consumer prices anyway.

The Ocala Fly Over on SE 17th Street will ultimately clear a lot of bottlenecks at 8 a.m.; 3 p.m.; 5:30, and all the other daily trains. The infrastructure of SR 200 over CSX cannot currently accommodate more than the 4 lanes available now without HUGE changes. Not sure how Downtown Lakeland can weather the storm of additional freight trains clogging vital commuter routes at critical times of the day. Not many bosses care that you are late due to sitting in traffic for 30 minutes waiting for trains to crawl through some spur line to drop off or pick up cars.

The government doesn't make, earn, produce ANY money without taking it from taxpayers. CSX on the other hand sells a service that can be purchased or not purchased at the will of the open market. With independent truckers getting out of the business at record rates each week, how can CSX do anything but flourish?

Do you think they are going to stop hauling coal into Florida to power plants? And those same return trains are hauling OJ out of the state every day. Think that's gonna change? It's such an ingrained "given" it's even taught in college marketing texts.

Recession my eye, just wait for the second quarter reports from CSX and decide who's getting screwed. Certainly not them.

My opinion, worth just what it cost ya.

Ocala loyal reader