Thursday, July 10, 2008

Polk County Extension Service Is On The Chopping Block

Ever wondered how to grow blueberries? Been curious about having a Florida-friendly yard? Need a rain barrel, but don't know how to make one? Looking for a way to teach your kids about the value of hard work and its rewards?

You better call the Polk County Extension Service now, because there's a possibility the valuable organizations and information available through the Exension Service won't survive the County Commission's budget-cutting ax. Tampa Bay's 10 has a post on their Web site about what's going on.

The Polk County Farm Bureau also has posted information on the proposal.

If the Extension Service goes away, it will take 4-H clubs, Florida Yards & Neighborhoods and Master Gardener programs with it.

I don't mean to make the BOCC out to be the bad guys here. We're in a lean budget year and the passage of Amendment One means changes have to take place. It's not good for any programs to be cut, because they're all worthy. But as a former 4-H member and a lover of the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods programs, it saddens me to know that they may go away.

If you have an opinion on these proposed budget cuts, I urge you to call and/or email your county commissioners. They need to know how the public feels about these programs.

Commissioner Bob English

Commissioner Sam Johnson

Commissioner Jack Myers

Commissioner Jean Reed

Commissioner Randy Wilkinson


Eric Harper said...

Lorrie, email me at I've talke to you before. I work in the Hunt Center (extension bldg). I did an interview for MySpace 30 somethings.

Shari said...

Hey, My friend's daughter is home schooled. She and her other home schooled friends are facing a terrible loss if 4H is cut. They've all contacted the county and are emailing everyone in their address books to do the same. This would be a very far reaching loss if it comes to pass.