Monday, October 15, 2007

Laser hair Removal- Part 6

Today was my fifth laser hair removal treatment and I was bummed going into it because my partner-in-crime who is undergoing this voluntary torture with me wasn't able to be here. I had a schedule conflict. But I had to soldier on, so here are all the details.

I applied the numbing cream two hours prior to my appointment and placed the dreaded plastic wrap over said application areas. My dogs spent the next two hours anxiously following me around. At first, I couldn't understand why. Then it hit me.

My dogs would have been great candidates for Pavlov's experiments. They've become conditioned to running toward the sound of celophane because there's always something good to eat inside celophane wrapping, in their minds.

Well, they're following me because every time I walk or move my arms, they hear the crinkle, crinkle of plastic wrap. And now they're looking at me, disgusted that I have no treat for them.

I head to my appointment also bummed out that Rachel, the nurse who typically administers the torture, isn't going to be there today. Another casualty of my changed schedule.

I arrive and sign in, start flipping through an old People magazine and I hear...Rachel! She, too, had a schedule change. I'm elated. And then I ask her, "Are you working on Saturday, too?" That's when my friend will be in for her appointment. The answer is no.

Oh no. I love Rachel, but my friend loooooooooooves Rachel. And she's the worst creature of habit I know. She's not going to take this change well at all.

I decide my fifth treatment is probably the most manageable- in terms of pain- since the first treatment. I notice that the most uncomfortable areas to laser are the creases in my armpits. There must be some serious hair follicles in that area.

I also realize that for the first time between treatments, I really didn't have to shave my armpits, because there just wasn't any hair there. There was a bit in the bikini line, but overall, I would say there has been a 90% reduction in hair growth in the treated areas.

I'm so happy to have made it to the magic No. 5 treatment. That's one full year of treatments. The next year will be about spot-treating areas where the hair continues to grow. My next appointment is 12 weeks away.

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